Copywriting for the web 101

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Content marketing has been around for decades. In fact, many experts believe that content marketing is the only true form of advertising left. This is because content creation is necessary in social and mobile advertising campaigns. This includes blogging, along with articles, CMS, White Papers, and especially press releases. Like traditional writing, content marketing does have certain templates and guides that must be followed accordingly.

No truer is this then when it comes to titles, sub-titles, Meta descriptions, and especially keywords. Whether producing content for sites, blogs, or PR distribution venues – they key is to formulate captivating and compelling content that effectively attracts and engages readers.

Web Copywriting Tips

With the new digital age upon us, there is a strong emphasis on precise and concise content. In fact, long gone are the days of lengthy content that would take forever to load and read. Today’s content must be properly optimized for mobile platforms, social media, and especially SEO. This includes the “less is more” approaches – which are content that is streamlined, centralized, and easy to scan and digest. This helps keep visitors on your page longer, while increasing visibility, leads, conversion rates, and especially recurring web traffic.

Whether writing for blog posts, social media posts, or sites – make sure your content is relevant, high-quality, and entails the right amount of keywords and leads that meet or exceed Google’s White Hat criteria. According to SEO copywriting and editing experts, the following guides are instrumental in securing customer and client patronage:

· Use shorter paragraphs – this is easier to scan and digest. · Have an SEO specialist analyze and assess your current site or blog. This enables them to determine the exact keyword and link densities needed. · Use bold for headlines and sub-headlines – this attracts and engages readers, guests, and visitors. · Try breaking up content into bullet lists, number lists, and sections. This is easier to process and helps secure a comprehensive and cohesive content marketing platform. · Make sure you content has links to social media pages – and always ensure its optimized for SEO and mobile-readiness.

For more assistance on SEO copywriting, contact your local expert or agency. They have the tools and expertise to propel your brand to new heights in any sector.

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Why PPC Advertising Management is a must-have skill for nonprofits

Why PPC Advertising Management is a must-have skill for nonprofits

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One of the most important aspects of running a successful non-profit organization is getting your name and message out there to the greater public. This is especially important when it comes to trying to raise funds for your organization, as obviously individuals and companies first have to actually find out about your organization before they can make a donation. While newsletters, email marketing and other related forms of advertising are useful for reaching out to those already interested in the work your organization is doing, these methods do nothing for expanding your base and reaching a whole new audience.
In this regard, the internet is without a doubt the most useful tool available to you, as online marketing has been proven to be an incredibly successful strategy for many non-profits. In fact, many non-profit organizations have successfully signed up for Google Grants, whereby Google donates up to $1,000 in free AdWord campaigns per month. Known as pay-per-click or PPC advertising, this type of marketing campaign can be extremely successful, so much so that it’s one of the main strategies used by most major corporations.
For non-profit organizations, this Google Grant can allow them to get the word out about their message to a huge audience. Better still, the ads can be targeted to those people likely to be the most receptive to your message. However, running a successful PPC campaign is incredibly complicated, meaning that without the required knowledge and experience, it is likely to fail. This is why the majority of businesses and non-profits hire someone to take care of their online marketing. In this sense, PPC advertising management is virtually a must-have for any non-profit, as it allows them to spread their message and take advantage of their Google Grant in the most efficient and effective way possible. Basically, PPC advertising management allows you to focus on what you do best, while still ensuring that your marketing efforts are taken care of by a professional consultant with the time, experience and skills to make them a success.

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How to break into the content marketing consulting industry

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Internet marketing consulting continues to soar in global popularity. With years of extensive industry experience, these experts help new or existing brand establish a strong online presence. This is done via product and services marketing on the Web, along with social and mobile media integration. Internet marketers also work at countless SEO agencies and firms across the world. However, many have branched out to owning their own consulting firms – which helps them generate more leads, revenue, and recurring clientele. In order to tap into this burgeoning and expanding field, there are several aspects to keep in mind.

How to Become an Internet Marketing Consultant

Like any other field or sector, you must have enough industry knowledge and experience to start consulting. It also pays to enter the fray with a reliable base of contacts and clients. This can help establish true professionalism across the board, along with a strong and positive reputation that will draw in potential clients. According to leading consultants, the following aspects are essential for anyone wishing to break into this growing and expanding field:

·         In-depth knowledge of traditional and contemporary marketing and advertising techniques.

·         Marketers must stay abreast of all the latest innovative SEO trends and developments.

·         A strong understanding of social media marketing, trends, integration, and mobile media platforms.

·         Well versed in all content marketing platforms – press release distribution sites, social media networks, content marketing venues, CMS, mobile applications, and advertising techniques.

·         The ability to effectively market a client’s products and services to core, niche, geo-specific, or mass audiences.

·         Must be able to multi-task – account executive skills – advertising – product and site development.

Networking is Essential

Networking is of paramount importance when it comes to establishing an Internet consulting business. With the right contacts, you can procure leads and connect with clients across a range of industries. Other consultants can also refer you to clients and agencies that are looking to foster brand growth and visibility across the Web. This can help promote your business to new customers, while helping your brand grow and prosper in this challenging and competitive marketplace.

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